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Alberta Transport – Trial Report

“Still, the contractor believes it is 1,000 times better than before and is very happy with the performance. A local resident stopped and told us the same thing. Other residents and businesses in the area have also commented on how improved the road is.”  

Frank Vidmar

Operations Coordinator, Government of Alberta

Dealing with difficult silty sands or clay and need a structured base, sub-base or sub-grade layer  for an access road, lease pad or hardstand?  Are you looking to reduce the whole-of-life costs for both temporary and permanent infrastructure? 

Unlike any other soil stabilization product, Durament Permeability Reducing Additive is uniquely formulated to work with cement increasing California Bearing Ratio and tensile strength of most high plasticity and difficult soil types such as clay and silty sands.

Durament PRA hydrophobicly protects the proven benefits of traditional cement stabilization from water degradation.

Durament PRA enhances the applications process and pavement performance accerating set-times for almost immediate re-introduction of traffic. 

Durament PRA advanced solutions can be used for new construction or rehabilitation of temporary and permanent infrastructure, in base, subbase, and subgrade layers.

Durament PRA advanced solutions has been successfully proven by Alberta Transport used on permanent rural roads.

Durament envisions the successful application of its advanced solutions for temporary construction and access roads, water retention ponds, hardstands and work platforms pavements.


The application methodology of Durament stabilization follows industry standards and stabilization guidelines for soil-cement projects.

open to trafiic

Durament pavements can generally be trafficked by heavy vehicles almost immediately after final compaction.

increased production

Durament is formulated to cure quicker than cement only, enabling continuous construction of overlaying pavement layers.

conventional equipment

No customized machinery required. Conventional equipment includes: cement spreader, reclaimer, grader, pad-foot roller, pneumatic roller, and water truck.

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The need for quality construction aggregates for buildings, roads, utilities, and transportation infrastructure construction and associated maintenance continues to grow across Canada, and around the world, placing ever-increasing demands on non-renewable aggregate resources.


  • Increase CBR more than 100%
  • Less Conventional Maintainance 30%
  • Less Conventional Build Time 55%
  • Longer Lasting Road 90%
  • Conserve Quarry Aggregate 75%

About Us

The solution that Durament represents is creating stabilized & cost-effective roads for communities and industry that are safer, cost effective and environmentally friendly.


1640 kilos per cubic meter of clay & gravel


246 kilos of in-situ per square meter at 15 cm depth


24.6 kilos of cement per meter square


potential savings with Durament compared to conventional “cut-and-fill” method