best polymer

Here to Stay

The key constituent elements of the Durament product have proven to be the best polymer available on the market today, due, among other reasons, to its ability to dramatically increase the CBR rating.


reclaim Go Green

With DURAMENT you’re going green while reducing build and maintenance costs. By making use of in-situ material, substantial savings are achievable while conserving non-renewable aggregates and reducing green house emissions.

In-situ stabilization

In-situ stabilization techniques have long been used throughout the World for pavement construction and rehabilitation. Such techniques have historically been chosen predominantly because of their significant cost savings.

Reduce Dust & Maintenance

Reduces dust in dry conditions – saves in dust control spraying. Reduces maintenance by 70% to 85%.

DURAMENT Stabilized Sub-base

Can be topped with asphalt, cold mix tar and chip, fine gravel rolled in to provide a wearing surface – or left unsurfaced for small local or low traffic roads.

Faster Build Time

Up to 5,000/m2 per shift, depending on conditions and machinery. Allows use by traffic within a few hours of final grading and rolling. Simplifies road design and specification. Enables continuous 24/7 road construction.