The solution that Durament PRA represents is creating stabilized & cost-effective roads for communities and industry that are safer and environmentally friendly.

Durament is a Canadian company that is poised to introduce Canada to the soil stabilization solutions that the Durament polymer represents. Durament is a non-toxic, next generation, liquid additive used in the cement stabilization and road building process, that when mixed with general purpose Portland cement creates an exothermic reaction resultant in a polymerized-concrete slab. Durament’s advanced solution solves soil stabilization issues in a variety of uses from rural roads through to industrial sized load bearing throughways. Safer stabilized roads that repel water and control dust are inherit benefits of a Durament road. The optimal transport of people and goods while minimizing environmental impact through reduction of greenhouse emissions and the stabilization of in-situ soil are proven hallmarks of Durament. Durament has proven itself scalable for all types of roads including major highways and freeways to haulage, industrial and rural roads, plus tarmacs and hardstand areas. Our advanced technology with general purpose Portland cement can be applied into clay, silt, sand and gravel materials. Unstable roads are the bane of many communities and the cause major problems in every conceivable sector, no matter the purpose, be it a rural transport or major mining industry haulage roads, but with Durament advanced technology, we can keep the movement of people and goods open 24/7/365.

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Durament - Advance Technology

Durament has proven to significantly improve the workability of the cement stabilization process in a variety of road sub-grade, pavement upgrade and rail and embankment construction projects (including heavy haul roads, highways, rural roads, pathway construction, hardstands and rail earthworks capping) and will improve the flexibility of standard cement stabilized pavements. 

These characteristics can reduce the likelihood of any cement-stabilized pavement cracking caused by the shrinkage of the cement/earthworks/road base on compaction and can provide improved permeability characteristics. 

The Durament Team



Vision to implementation - bringing Durament to the Canadian market.


Quality Control

Quality control ensuring every litre of Durament sold is consistent to exacting specifications

Breakthrough technology

Deterioration of Pavement

Deterioration of pavement condition was becoming a common theme throughout the world and in British Columbia, Canada it has become a significant concern.

Reducing Carbon Foot Print

Depending on specification, Durament eliminates the need of trucking in quarried road base material – saving the cost of quarry aggregates, transport and time thus reducing the carbon foot print for each project.

Versatile Use

Durament can be used in a full range of applications – private driveways, small local roads, main public highways, long haul roads, port hardstands, airstrips, lining agricultural dams and tailing ponds.


Increased CBR by over 200%
Reduce maintenance costs by 70%
Quicker build time by 50%
Cost savings 150%
Longer lasting road 90%

 The need for quality construction aggregates for buildings, roads, utilities, and transportation infrastructure construction and associated maintenance continues to grow across Canada, and around the world, placing ever-increasing demands on non-renewable aggregate resources.