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The solution that Durament represents is creating stabilized & cost-effective roads for communities and industry that are safer and environmentally friendly.

Market and social conditions are transforming the way we all do business. Slowed global economies and increasing taxation pressuring community leaders to deliver-up capital transportation infrastructure whilst geopolitical turmoil drives uncertainty accompanied societal and political desire to conserve natural resources for future generations, forces the need to stretch every public or private dollar to maximize output. These dynamic forces, we believe, fuels innovation to squeeze the great divide between funding and outcome.

We understand the desire to meet these expectations while at the same time sustaining previous capital expenditures without “re-tooling” to meet market conditions.

While our company is young, but we are committed to the pursuit of a better world through advanced solutions.

Durament is a Canadian company poised to introduce Canada to the soil stabilization solutions that the Durament polymer represents.   The optimal transport of people and goods while minimizing environmental impact through reduction of greenhouse emissions and the stabilization of in-situ soil are proven hallmarks of Durament.

Durament has proven itself scalable for all types of roads including major highways and freeways to haulage, industrial and rural roads, plus tarmacs and hardstand areas. Unstable roads are the bane of many communities and the cause major problems in every conceivable sector, no matter the purpose, be it a rural transport or major mining industry haulage roads, but with Durament advanced solutions, we hope to keep the movement of people and goods open 24/7/365.