Formulate Solutions – reduce water infiltration

DURAMENT™ PRA is a proprietary liquid dispersion that is added to the construction water in a standard cement soil-stabilization process.  When applied under required specifications, Durament PRA reacts with Portland cement, accelerates set times, provides compaction strength associated with Portland, provides tensile strength thru cross-linking of Durament polymer strands, and further exhibits hydrophobic properties greatly reducing permeability of water into the treated soil.

DURAMENT’s ability to reduce the permeability of water into the treated soil conceivably reduces maintenance requirements and further extends the life of the road base.

DURAMENT™ PRA is specifically designed to achieve a high quality-result in the base, sub-base or capping layers in a wide range of soil types, including clay, silt, sand, and recycled road product.

Permeability Reducing Additive

A DURAMENT™ PRA road surface operates to prevent dust, corrugation, pot holes, rutting, and other surface degradation issues caused by both heavy traffic and extreme weather. Our advanced technology is revolutionary as DURAMENT™ PRA is designed to be applied with general purpose Portland cement and incorporated into clay, silt, sand, gravel, and re-cycled road materials. Obviously soil type’s differ from region to region throughout the world, however upon careful analysis of the geotechnical documents by our engineers on a project by project basis, a customized formula of DURAMENT-to-cement assures success every time.

Tried, Tested and True

DURAMENT™has been listed on Alberta Transport proven product listing in September 2016, after a two year trail period. DURAMENT™ is “tried, tested and true”.

DURAMENT™ new enhanced formula PRA is sure to provide even better results than our original formulation with the addition of permeability reducing qualities.

DURAMENT™ PRA is qualified to make the statement the we are the best road stabilization product the world has to offer. Boasting a “one product fits all” is a bold statement that we embrace whole-heartedly, from sustainability of  quarry aggregates and reduction of green house emissions to dramatically increasing CBR and UTS ratings for haulage roads, tarmacs, hardstand areas all with water repellent, dust reduction, and soil stabilization qualities. DURAMENT™ is non-toxic to the environment with no hazchem codes, and is inert to the environment once cured, does not leach toxins into surrounding environment, and can withstand extreme hot or cold temperatures. Safe to use and non-hazardous.

Saving Cost of Quarry Aggregates

Depending on building specifications, DURAMENT™ PRA eliminates the need of trucking in quarried road base material – saving the cost of quarry aggregates, transport and time thus reducing the carbon foot print for each project.

DURAMENT™ PRA has the unique ability to be used with the in-situ materials, including sand, high/low plasticity clay, and even recycled road material on the spot. The result is a long lasting, waterproof stabilized road base or road surface.

Numerous field tests, completed projects, and Independent laboratory tests have shown that with DURAMENT™ PRA both the California Bearing Ratio and Ultimate Tensile Strength increases.

With DURAMENT™ PRA you can confidently say that you’re going green while reducing build and maintenance costs. By making use of in-situ material, substantial savings are achievable while conserving non-renewable aggregates and reducing green house gas emissions.

DURAMENT™ PRA can extend the build season by a month on either side of the season due to the heat creating exothermic reaction created with the general purpose cement.

Safer Roads

Stabilization of existing gravel roads with DURAMENT™ PRA makes for safer and more efficient travel. Improving the mobility of people and the transportation of goods is greatly enhanced when gravel is converted into a DURAMENT™ PRA Road. Eliminating cracking and pot holing in most conditions further makes for a safer roads and reduces maintenance costs by 70% to 85%.

Traditional road building equipment is required to install a DURAMENT™ PRA road and no capital expenditure outside traditional machinery is required. If your company build roads now – you can build a DURAMENT™ PRA road today. With a legacy of over 15 years of successful international road construction experience, we are here to teach you how.

“Gravel roads present their own special road safety challenge. The issue is traction. Driving on loose gravel is harder than driving on pavement because your tires don't have the traction needed to give you stable control. Throw speed into the mix and you have a formula for trouble.”
Washington County – Road Safety