The use of non-toxic DURAMENT, under geo-technically controlled conditions, enables the road or pavement designer or contractor consideration of a number of construction options when deciding what materials are available and a cost effective method of sub-grade enhancement and/or pavement rehabilitation.

• Stabilization with DURAMENT and cement will improve equivalent sub-grade CBR to a level where, even in the most difficult instances, can be used as the road sub-base reducing significantly the pavement material supply as well as transport time and associated costs.

• Stabilization with DURAMENT and cement will reduce the Plasticity Index (PI) of the sub-grade expansive clays and similar soils whereby a lesser pavement depth could be achieved for the same traffic usage (reducing pavement material supply and transport costs),

• The use of DURAMENT in sub-grade cement stabilisation reduces the potential of the formation of a rigid sub-grade and block cracking, to a more flexible sub-grade base without any significant loss of strength,

• Due to the occurrence of the exothermic reaction, a limited construction period is available for sub-grade mixing and rolling to achieve the required compaction necessitating construction planning to achieve manpower time and equipment usage savings.

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