Why Durament PRA
Why Durament PRA

DURAMENT PRA (Permeability Reducing Admixture) is a liquid-dispersion listed by Alberta Transport as a proven product.

Addition of DURAMENT PRA to the construction water in standard concrete stabilization has shown to exhibit hydrophobic properties greatly reducing the permeability and infiltration of water into the treated sub-grade while achieving specific Mpa values for anticipated load use, and increased tensile strength.

DURAMENT PRA aims to solve the problems associated with deterioration to road sub-grade thru water infiltration thereby providing a longer lasting road sub-grade. DURAMENT PRA usual application mixtures it with water in specific stoichiometric proportions which is then concurrently mixed with Portland GP cement and in-situ material.

DURAMENT PRA  has proven to significantly improve the workability of the cement stabilization process in a variety of road sub-grade projects and will improve the flexibility of standard cement stabilized pavements while greatly reducing the permeability of water into the treated in-situ sub-grade material.

These characteristics can reduce the likelihood of any cement-stabilized pavement cracking caused by the shrinkage of the cement/earthworks/road base on compaction and exhibits improved permeability characteristics.